From Struggling to Confident: UPLIFT Academy Mentorship Program Boosts SAT Scores

In a landscape where access to quality education remains unequal, UPLIFT Academy stands as a beacon of hope, dedicated to breaking down barriers and empowering students from underserved communities across New Jersey. Through its College Path Mentorship (CPM) program and initiatives like the STEAM Academies, UPLIFT provides free, top-tier educational services aimed at bridging the gap and fostering academic excellence among youth.

UPLIFT Academy’s College Path Mentorship (CPM) program breaks down barriers to higher education for students in underserved communities of New Jersey. By offering free, top-tier college preparation, CPM empowers students like Ayoola Samuel Ogunmakinwa, who says the program “has been a game-changer” in boosting their confidence and academic skills.

“I am thrilled to share my testimonial about the remarkable impact that College Path Mentorship has had on my math and English skills, as well as my overall confidence in preparation for the SAT. Before discovering CPM, I often struggled with both subjects, which resulted in a lack of confidence when it came to standardized tests like the SAT. However, CPM has been a game-changer, providing me with the tools, knowledge, and support I needed to excel in Math and English and approach the SAT with newfound assurance.”

  • Ayoola Samuel Ogunmakinwa, a mentee at CPM program

In this program, students not only raise their SAT scores by an average of 150 points but also gain the guidance and support needed to navigate the college application process and achieve their dreams of higher education. The program prepares students for rigorous college applications.

In CPM, students immerse themselves in intensive SAT Math and English classes, book discussions, and group activities, cultivating academic excellence. The program extends beyond academics, guiding students to develop meaningful Community Service Projects, and instilling a sense of civic responsibility. Expert mentors, supported by the College Counselor’s one-on-one meetings every 2-3 weeks, ensure a comprehensive College Readiness Preparation. Immersive Boot Camps form a vital part, providing personalized support in essay writing, resume building, and navigating college applications for a seamless transition to higher education.

In addition to the CPM program, UPLIFT offers other programs like Summer Math Camps and STEM education through its STEAM Academies where students are educated to think creatively, problem-solve effectively, and collaborate with their peers through hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and mentorship opportunities.

Through its programs, UPLIFT has cultivated a pipeline to support and enrich low-income New Jersey youth through their academic careers.

As we look towards the future, organizations like UPLIFT Academy serve as catalysts for positive change, empowering youth to overcome barriers, realize their potential, and create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their communities. Through their unwavering dedication to educational equity and excellence, UPLIFT continues to uplift futures and inspire generations to come.

UPLIFT Academy, located at 18 Railroad Ave Ste 202, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662, is committed to providing high-quality educational services to close the achievement gap resulting from socioeconomic inequities. Through partnerships like the one with Union Baptist Church Passaic, UPLIFT extends its CPM program to communities in Passaic City, Clifton, and neighboring cities.

Reach out to UPLIFT and learn more about its programs:
Phone: 201-639-4311
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Note: This article was first published in The Clifton Journal on April 08, 2024.