College Path Mentorship

UPLIFT Academy‘s free College Path Mentorship (CPM) program aims to increase college attainment rates of students from low-education-level and high-poverty areas of New Jersey. By providing free and quality college preparation, CPM strives to expand these students’ access to education who are otherwise least likely to get college education.

Program Overview

The program offers quality, well-rounded educational experiences by equipping mentees with not only academic, but also social skills needed for college success. Strong academic support is offered to high school students by their college mentors who assist them weekly with essay writing, resume building, SAT/ACT test preparation, etc. Mentees in this project  will also receive support to pursue or discover  their career interests and aspirations, begin researching colleges to pursue their goals, and  define themselves as college bound students.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the program is to identify, motivate, educate, and mentor socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students to increase their attainment and completion of four-year colleges.

The vision of the College Path Mentorship is to eliminate visible and non-visible barriers to social justice through education.

Geographic Eligibility

High school students grades 10 through 12  from low-income households in Passaic, Bergen, and Essex Counties are currently eligible to apply.

UPLIFT Academy College Path Mentorship


The college path mentorship program has helped me to learn and study materials and grasp new concepts quicker. I was able to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of attending colleges of various sizes. The trip to Montclair State University for the Bootcamp gave me greater insight into what my expectations should be during the admissions process and beyond. I really enjoy this program and I would love to continue to attend. Thank you all for the help!

Rabi Abare, Mentee
I am thrilled to share my testimonial about the remarkable impact that CPM (College Path Mentorship) has had on my math and English skills, as well as my overall confidence in preparation for the SAT. Before discovering CPM, I often struggled with both subjects, which resulted in a lack of confidence when it came to standardized tests like the SAT. However, CPM has been a game-changer, providing me with the tools, knowledge, and support I needed to excel in math and English and approach the SAT with newfound assurance.
Ayoola Samuel Ogunmakinwa, Mentee

During the College Path Mentorship program, I tried my best to be honest about the struggles I faced in high school in an attempt to plan for the future. My vulnerability helped my students feel more comfortable in sharing their own struggles. I shared how I have been able to attend college as an immigrant woman and one student shared that this brought her hope, saying “you knew how to explain to me how I can go to university since I am an immigrant and what are the opportunities I can take to continue studying.

Giovanna Bialoglowka, Mentor
What I enjoy most about the college prep program is that it helps me to narrow down my choices for my desired school. I learned that the application process is not just about my academic standing, but that college recruiters really prefer students that are more well-rounded. This has caused me to focus on areas that make me more unique or stand out from the crowd. I am so happy I joined this program, for being able to connect with other high schoolers, and for my mentor’s guidance as well.
Latifah Tetteh, Mentee
My time at New York Academy was absolutely amazing. Every Saturday I would wake up with excitement and joy because I was getting a chance to help low-income families and their children. I would definitely do it again if given the chance.
Selim Bayam, Mentor

College Path Mentorship Outcomes

CPM’s primary goal is for mentees to apply and be accepted into four-year colleges. CPM stands out from other college preparatory programs because mentees will not only become college-bound students, but also well-rounded adults with strengths in empathy, self-reflection, civic responsibility, and teamwork. We expect them to be able to do so through enhanced Academic Achievement, Social Capital Building, and Character & Moral Development.

Academic Achievement

  • Increase academic success in high school,
  • Prepare and be ready for college and careers,
  • Gain mentorship skills to be a mentor after high school as a college student.
  • Develop strong resumes and college essays.

Social Capital Building

  • Assume a sense of social and civic responsibility,
  • Develop awareness of community needs,
  • Demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and effective teamwork.

Character Development

  • Exercise to think independently,
  • Embrace collective consciousness with consultative decision-making,
  • Learn to assess and criticize one’s own actions.

Mentoring for Academic & Personal Development

  • SAT Math and English Courses

  • SAT Practice Tests

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  • Free Snacks & Lunch

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Earn Rewards as You Make Progress

  • Chance to earn rewards up to $250

  • Grants for community service projects

  • Free international trip for 1 student/ year

  • Various gifts for those who are admitted to 4-year colleges

Inquiries to Register

In our program, through intensive SAT Math and English classes, book discussions, and engaging group activities, students cultivate academic excellence. Further, they develop meaningful Community Service Projects, fostering a sense of civic responsibility. Expert mentors delve into various aspects of College Readiness Preparation, complemented by our College Counselor’s regular one-on-one meetings every 2-3 weeks with each student. As an integral part of the program, immersive Boot Camps offer personalized support, guiding students through essay writing, resume building, and the intricacies of college applications for a seamless transition to higher education.

Notably, as students progress, they have the opportunity to earn rewards, including a chance to win up to $250, grants for community service projects, and even a free international trip awarded annually to one outstanding student. Additionally, those admitted to 4-year colleges receive various gifts.

With CPM, students not only acquire the essential skills, confidence, and support necessary to navigate the college admissions process and achieve academic dreams, but their dedication is also acknowledged and rewarded.

If you are interested in enrolling or learning more about the program, please fill out the form below, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Target Audience

High school students grades 10 through 12 from low-income households in Passaic County are eligible to apply in the academic year 2021-22. However, the College Path Mentorship will expand in the following years to other counties such as Essex and Hudson.  The students who are enrolled in free or reduced lunch programs in their schools are eligible to apply.

Holistic Support

CPM is created to support high school students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their goals and provide them a well-designed mentorship, individualized instruction, resources, and networking opportunities and by accompanying them during their college application process to facilitate their admission to a high-rank four-year college and ease their transition to college life.

Group Mentorship

Mentors will conduct weekly/biweekly group meetings. 1 mentor will serve a group of students. Mentors will execute the weekly program and advise students and be role models and inspirations to them. Mentors will help students complete tasks and goals set in the program. They will closely monitor each student’s college application process and provide guidance and support.

Main Components of the CPM

  • Academic Studies (SAT/ACT Support and Tutoring)
  • Book Reading & Discussions
  • Group Activities
  • Community Services Projects
  • Boot Camp & Intensive College Readiness Preparation

Boot Camps at a Glance

  • One on one mentoring
  • Essay Writing & Editing
  • Resume Writing & Editing
  • Supplemental Essay Writing & Editing
  • Preparing & Making College Applications

Important Dates

  • August 15 – Planning, meetings with partners/host locations

  • September 1 – Program announcement

  • September 1 –  Mentor application starts

  • September 1 – Mentee application starts (rolling admission)

  • September 20 – Mentor application ends

  • End of September – Mentors selected announced

  • End of September – Mentor orientations & workshops

  • First Week of October – Mentee & parents orientations at host locations, program starts

  • Mid-June – Boot Camp (11th grades)


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making the difference.

PARTNERSHIP with Non-Profits

UPLIFT is looking for non-profit organizations in Bergen, Passaic, and Essex Counties in New Jersey to partner with. UPLIFT will offer College Path Mentorship for free to low-income students and we only expect our partner to provide a classroom for free.

Contact us

Our Current Partners

We are happy to be partnering with

  • Seminary Baptist Church, Paterson
  • Fallahee Masjid, Newark
  • Union Baptist Church & United Passaic Organization, Passaic City
  • Alaaka Association, Newark