One of our High School senior students, Ahmed Quedraogo, has officially been accepted into Rutgers Newark and awarded a full scholarship.

Through his hard work and enthusiasm, Ahmed has shown a desire to achieve greatness and become a young adult stepping into college. His meticulous studies and many extracurriculars such as amateur boxing allowed him to send applications to various colleges that are quite rigorous. Rutgers was a dream college for Ahmed and being accepted was a dream that came true.

Through this process, NYA helped prepare Ahmed for the SATs, fill out his college application, send his FAFSA to colleges, and negotiate a full scholarship.

NYA has awarded him with a $100 gift card. We congratulate him and wish him continued success in his college life.

Ahmed has attended our College Path Mentorship Program (CPM) for 2 academic years. He is the only senior in our Masjid Fallahee group where some 10 students attend the CPM.