• I really enjoy every session of this program and definitely would recommend it to other students as well.
    – Ramatu Abare

  • I am so happy I joined this program, for being able to connect with other high schoolers and for my mentor’s guidance as well.

    – Latifah Tetteh

June 15, 2022

Our first of the two College Application Bootcamps in 2022 was held between June 11-12, 2022 at Montclair State University. The Bootcamp prepared current juniors and sophomores for college application process. New York Academy thanks the 30 students who attended this event.

Presenters went over tips and tricks, provided a timeline for the year, guided students on the college search journey, and provided writing guidelines for personal statements.

Presentation Topics:

  • How to write a personal statement
  • The college admission process
  • How to choose the right college

Also, students met with their mentors from the College Path Mentorship Program who guided them through the college application process.

Components of the Bootcamp


Students engaged in college discussions and informational sessions led by guidance counselors that covered topics like financial aid and the application process.


Students were guided on how to draft their personal essays for college applications and learned tips on how to make themselves stand out.


Students’ essays and college applications were reviewed by guidance counselors during one-on-one sessions throughout the Bootcamp.


I have enjoyed my experience at the program. It has been very welcoming and helpful. So far, it’s been a great experience. My mentor Ms. Habibah has been an amazing teacher and tutor and I appreciate all the things she has educated me on. I would definitely come back to this program. Thank you for everything you have provided for me and I couldn’t thank you more.

Hamza Waziri, Mentee

The college mentorship program has helped me to learn and study materials and grasp new concepts quicker. I was able to get a better understanding of the pros and cons of attending colleges of various sizes. The trip to Montclair State University for the Bootcamp gave me greater insight into what my expectations should be during the admissions process and beyond. . I really enjoy this program and I would love to continue to attend. Thank you all for the help!

Rabi Abare, Mentee

What I enjoy most about the college prep program is that it is helping me to narrow down my choices for my desired school. I learned that the application process is not just about my academic standing, but that college recruiters really prefer students that are more well-rounded. This has caused me to focus on areas that make me more unique or stand out from the crowd. I am so happy I joined this program, for being able to connect with other high schoolers and for my mentor’s guidance as well.

Latifah Tetteh, Mentee

During the College Path Mentorship program, I tried my best to be honest about the struggles I faced in high school in an attempt to plan for the future. My vulnerability helped my students feel more comfortable in sharing their own struggles. I shared how I have been able to attend college as an immigrant woman and one student shared that this brought her hope, saying “you knew how to explain to me how I can go to university since I am an immigrant and what are the opportunities I can take to continue studying.”

Giovanna Bialoglowka, Mentor

My time at New York Academy was absolutely amazing. Every Saturday I would wake up with excitement and joy because I was getting a chance to help low-income families and their children. I would definitely do it again if given the chance.

Selim Bayam, Mentor



Listen to What Hamza Waziri and Rabi Abare had to say about the bootcamp.